Sustainability Promise

The House of Creed has been built on generations of craftsmanship and appreciation for some of the world’s finest ingredients. We will build on this legacy to create timeless fragrances for the future, in a way that is responsible, mindful and sustainable. We have started by taking some small steps that, when all put together, we know will make a big difference. There is a long way to go, with challenges for us and for many other, larger fragrance companies. If we can solve some of these challenges, we can ensure Creed is enjoyed for generations to come.
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Creed's Vision: Fragrance For The Future

Nature provides us with the finest ingredients for our products. This is why we embrace our responsibility to the natural environment, as well as the people who work with and alongside us. We are striving to be a leader and an innovator, using the latest developments in sustainable and reusable innovation to drive our product development and brand experience.

By the end of the year our ‘Fragrance for the Future’ framework will launch which will help guide our thoughtful approach to sustainability. We have already taken key steps on our journey. We want our products and ingredients, created with the expertise and techniques of generations past, to be sustainably produced - for you, and for generations to come.

"Reduce, Recycle And Reuse"

Green Irish Tweed on leaf (Green Irish Tweed Eau De Parfum 100ml)

Reducing Waste And Finding Beauty In The Discarded

Our new products put ‘Reduce, Recycle and Reuse’ at the heart of the design process, to make sure strict sustainability standards are met, using robust recycling initiatives in our factory where almost every element of waste is now recycled. All our wrapping is already fully recyclable, re-usable, and from sustainable sources. We have introduced re-useable materials to substitute packaging and gift wrapping, finding inventive ways of using items such as silk scarves and wallets to wrap our products and to act as functional keepsakes. We are taking a 360° view of the waste we create across our business, and are minimising it in as many ways as we can.

Biodiversity And Creed's Relationship With The Natural World

Sourcing the finest ingredients, working with partners around the world who share our values around preserving and respecting nature and people. We promote biodiversity across our supply chain. Our partnership with One Tree Planted allows our customers to get involved in global reforestation. We donate a tree every time you place an order on our website. One Tree Planted partners with local communities and experts to rebuild forests, provide jobs, and - critically - to restore biodiversity across the globe. Last year, it planted over 23 million trees through 166 projects in 42 countries.

Tackling Our Carbon Footprint

We are proud to have completely offset our existing carbon emissions through our partnership with carbon tracking and offsetting company, trace, which allows us to support sustainable initiatives, emission reduction projects and planting schemes around the world.

More Sustainable And Lower Carbon Future

(The rose pickers at work in Grasse, France)

Green Irish Tweed on leaf

Acting To Drive Changes

We are acting now and fast, to drive change and secure a more sustainable and lower carbon future. This means we are now closely measuring our carbon footprint, and finding small but impactful ways to reduce it – for example, by taking steps to ensure our energy use in heating and lighting is more efficient. These steps add up to make a big difference.

Partnering With A Carbon Tracking And Offsetting Company

(Rose de Mai field in Grasse, France)

Supporting Our People And Communities

We celebrate diversity, it brings with it creativity and community. We are a business that depends on creativity, skill and ingenuity to create fragrances for the future. For the House of Creed, a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds is the key to this. We foster new and raw talent no matter where it comes from, to ensure Creed remains the innovative luxury business it is today. 

 The whole team at Creed is 100% committed to this cause making small deliberate steps that add up to making a genuine difference to people's lives. As part of our Fragrance for the Future framework, Creed will play an active role in these communities by supporting fairness, safety and human rights throughout our business and supply chain.

 Creed also uses Orris, the extract of iris pallida, the white iris of Florence and that city's heraldic emblem. Orris can take up to six years to prepare. 

 Three years for the root or rhizome of the plant to grow to an adequate maturity; three years for the harvesting and drying process. 

 Orris has a much deeper and more sensual odour than the delicate scent of the iris flower: it gives perfume an earthy, warm, powdery quality which is immediately recognisable and of immense presence.

We are only at the start of our sustainability journey, and still face real challenges - but we are determined to lead the way in overcoming them. We commit to regularly updating you on our progress towards a truly sustainable future for the House of Creed.